South Korea’s up-and-coming reggae artist, Ongoji-Seen, released his highly anticipated debut single "Sensimilla" last week, featuring the enchanting vocals of Smiley Song.

Inspired by the '90s Jamaican (JA) and UK roots reggae and dub music, Ongoji-Seen has crafted a distinctive sound that bridges the gap between traditional riddim and modern interpretations. His music aims to connect with both new listeners and longtime reggae enthusiasts.

"Sensimilla" represents a significant milestone as his first step in his musical career. The powerful vocals of Smiley Song perfectly complement Ongoji-Seen’s innovative rhythms, offering a fresh surprise to the audience.

Keep an eye on this talented newcomer whose future contributions to the reggae music scene are eagerly anticipated. "Sensimilla" is now available for streaming on various music platforms.

韓国の新進気鋭のレゲエアーティスト、Ongoji-Seenが先週、待望のデビューシングル「Sensimilla」をリリースしました。このトラックには、魅力的なボーカリストSmiley Songがフィーチャリングで参加しています。


「Sensimilla」は彼の音楽キャリアの第一歩として、特に意味の深いリリースです。Smiley Songの力強いボーカルが、Ongoji-Seenが創り出す独創的なリズムと完璧に調和しており、聴く者に新鮮な驚きを提供します。