Ras Muhamad, the legendary Reggae artist from Indonesia, has released a new album titled "Kaleidoscope Vol. 1." Known for his hits like "Salam," "Learn to Grow," and "Farmerman," he has now presented a heartfelt album that incorporates elements from various genres, including HIPHOP and AFROBEATS. Along with the album release, a visual video for the recommended track "Radio Silence" has also been unveiled.

インドネシアの大御所レゲエアーティストRas Muhamad。

"Salam"、"Learn to Grow"、"Farmerman"などのヒット曲で有名な彼がニューアルバム”Kaleidoscope Vol. 1 ”をリリース。
合わせておすすめ曲「Radio Silence」のビジュアル動画も公開。