The new single "REGGAE" from the heavyweight of Korean Reggae, SKULL, features his longtime friend Rude Paper member, KOONTA. The record-inspired jacket includes two tracks: "REGGAE MUSIC" on the front and "STONY FREESTYLE" in a Dancehall style on the back.

Both Reggae and Dancehall fans are in for a treat! Both songs showcase SKULL's dynamic and melodious vocals paired with KOONTA's skillful flow. The infectious beats are sure to get you hooked. In particular, "STONY FREESTYLE" is a track that dancers around the world should definitely groove to and share on social media.


Skull, who debuted as a member of Stony Skunk in 2003, later ventured to the United States after his activities under YG Underground, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. In the summer of 2007, he made history with release of "Boom Di Boom Di" by becoming the first Korean artist to reach the 3rd position on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales chart, gaining significant attention.

Continuously leading the reggae scene in South Korea, Skull has engaged in international collaborations with Jamaican artists such as Spragga Benz and SIZZLA. He has also been actively involved in collaborations with Japanese artists like RUEED and Galiano.


KOONTA is a key member of the South Korean hybrid reggae unit Rude Paper. Thanks to their incorporation of HIP-HOP elements, he is often recognized as a HIP-HOP artist as well. Recently, he has been making a significant impact on popular South Korean audition programs"SHOW ME THE MONEY", garnering a lot of attention.

Furthermore, he has held concerts in Japan and is actively involved in producing music for Japanese artists. KOONTA's commanding presence and cool flow make him a must-watch artist!