The Thai reggae band Srirajah Rockers has released a new single titled 'ANIMAL' from their upcoming album 'ENDURO,' and it's already making waves. The song has achieved a notable position, ranking 13th on the 'Cat Radio Chart,' capturing attention both in Thailand and internationally. Released in 2024, 'ANIMAL' showcases the band's innovative sound and deep lyrical content, reflecting the evolving perspectives of Win, the band's leader.

'ENDURO' draws inspiration from Win’s experiences as he approaches his 40s, including his time living on an island and exploring new methods of music production. During a relaxed seaside midnight interview, Win shared how these experiences have influenced his musical journey.

As 'ANIMAL' starts to resonate with both existing fans and new listeners, anticipation for the full album release continues to grow. For further details about this track and the album, fans are encouraged to visit the band's official YouTube channel and Bandcamp page.

新曲「ANIMAL」が注目を集める中、Srirajah Rockersのアルバム「ENDURO」リリースが近づく

タイのレゲエバンド、Srirajah Rockersが新アルバム「ENDURO」からの新曲「ANIMAL」をリリースし、すでに注目を集めています。この曲は「Cat Radioのチャート」で13位にランクインし、国内外からの注目を引いています。2024年にリリースされた「ANIMAL」は、バンドの革新的なサウンドと深いメッセージを特徴とし、バンドリーダーのウィンの進化するアーティスティックな視点を反映しています。