Amidst the trend of re-evaluating Showa (1926-1989) and Heisei (1989-2019) hit songs through social media, renowned Japanese reggae producer HASE-T launches the second installment of his cover project.

HASE-T, a leading figure in the Japanese reggae scene, presents the "Showa Kayo Lovers" series, where classic Showa-era songs are reimagined with smooth reggae beats. The second installment features a bold fusion of the iconic 1961 hit "Sudara-bushi," originally sung by Hitoshi Ueki and the Crazy Cats, with the soulful rap of Japanese reggae legend, Rankin Taxi. The track, titled "Reiwa Sudara (Sudara-bushi)," blends Rankin Taxi's rap with Ueki's unique and charming vocal performance, all set to HASE-T's groovy rhythms. This project creates a crazy yet unified piece that transcends time, blending Showa and Reiwa eras through reggae.

This unique collaboration brings a new twist to classic Japanese music, offering a fresh and exciting experience that showcases the timeless appeal of Showa-era songs.