Hong Kong's burgeoning dancehall scene is capturing the attention of global artists, and among them is I-VAN, a Japanese dancehall dancer renowned worldwide. In a recent social media post, I-VAN shared his observations and experiences from his first trip to Hong Kong, highlighting the city's unique position in the dancehall world.

Contrary to starting from scratch, I-VAN emphasizes that Hong Kong's dancehall scene is not beginning at zero. "It wasn't about starting from nothing," he remarks, "but rather from a point of one, which is significant." This perspective underscores the existing foundations and potentials within the local scene, which I-VAN regards as a substantial advantage.

During his four-day immersive experience, I-VAN expressed his gratitude towards the Hong Kong massive for their full support and hospitality. He was particularly impressed by the live scene, which he found to be more dynamic and promising than the studio environment.

I-VAN's visit to Hong Kong wasn't just a discovery of a new scene but a realization of its enormous potential. His optimistic outlook on the future of Hong Kong's dancehall scene is a beacon for dancers and enthusiasts worldwide. With its emerging dancehall culture and the passionate individuals contributing to its growth, Hong Kong's dancehall scene is undoubtedly on the cusp of something great.