Protoje has released his latest single "Mariposa." This track showcases his musical growth and innovation, offering listeners a fresh new vibe.

Protoje, through his label In.Digg.Nation Collective, has nurtured many talents, including artists like Lila Iké and Jaz Elise. His production work with these artists has also made a significant impact on the international reggae scene.

Currently, Protoje is on tour in North America, with upcoming performances in Canada and the USA. This is a great opportunity to experience his live performances.

Protoje, a reggae artist from Jamaica, is known for his socially conscious lyrics and personal experiences reflected in his music. His previous hits, such as "Who Knows" and "Blood Money," have solidified his position in the reggae scene.


Protojeは、自身のレーベルIn.Digg.Nation Collectiveを通じて多くの才能を育てており、Lila IkéやJaz Eliseなどのアーティストをプロデュースしています。彼のプロデュースによるこれらのアーティストも、国際的なレゲエシーンで大きな影響力を持っています。


Protojeはジャマイカ出身のレゲエアーティストであり、社会的メッセージや個人的な経験に基づいたリリックが特徴です。彼のこれまでの代表曲には、「Who Knows」や「Blood Money」などがあります。