VP RECORDS Celebrates 45 Years!

Founded in 1979 in Queens, New York, VP RECORDS began as Randy’s, a record shop, distributor, label, and studio in Kingston, Jamaica. Today, it stands as the world’s largest reggae-specific record company. The initials "VP" represent the founders, Vincent and Pat, marking this year as the 45th anniversary of their continuous influence in the reggae world.
Anniversary Collaboration Products Launch!


In celebration of its 45th anniversary, VP RECORDS will release special collaboration T-shirts on July 6th. These shirts are designed in collaboration with MURAL, a wear brand directed by Mr. Murasaki, who has previously worked on the artwork and illustrations for popular VP compilation series like “REGGAE GOLD” and “STRICTLY THE BEST.”



Anniversary POPUP Event Announced!
Location: E.S.P. TRCICKSTAR, Osaka
Dates: July 6th (Saturday) & July 7th (Sunday)
Time: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Admission: Free

The event will feature the launch of collaboration merchandise between MURAL & VP RECORDS, as well as new products from our collaboration with VP RECORDS including BB uniforms, caps, and T-shirts.

Exclusive Purchase Bonuses!
Attendees who purchase items at the event will receive exclusive VP RECORDS non-sale rare goods as special bonuses.

Special DJ Performances and In-Store Events on July 7th
The POPUP will also host DJ performances and in-store events featuring OGA (JAH WORKS) and LIBERTY, among others, on July 7th.
Join us in celebrating the rich legacy and ongoing influence of VP RECORDS with exclusive merchandise and unforgettable events!

VP RECORDS設立45周年記念、コラボ商品発売+POPUP開催決定!

VP RECORDS設立45周年!!
ー ジャマイカ・キングストンのレコード店&ディストリビューター&レーベル&スタジオ運営の〈RANDY’S〉を前身に、1979年にニューヨーク・クイーンズに設立、現在に世界最大のレゲエ専門レコード会社として活動するVP RECORDS(VPは創立者夫婦VINCENTとPATの頭文字から)が今年で45周年を迎えます。

ー その45周年を記念したコラボ商品発売決定!!
  これまでにVP RECORDS『REGGAE GOLD』『STRICTLY THE BEST』他の人気コンピレーション・シリーズのアートワーク&イラストを手掛けたMURASAKI氏がディレクションするウエア・ブランド、MURALとのコラボTシャツが7月6日発売決定。

ー 記念POPUP開催決定!!
  11:00~20:00 入場無料
  ー MURAL & VP RECORDSのコラボ商品、弊社RTME & VP RECORDSのコラボ商品・新作(BBユニフォーム / CAP / T-SHIRTS)他を発売。

  ー 購入特典としてVP RECORDS非売品レア・グッズ他をプレゼント。

  ー 7月7日にはOGA(JAH WORKS)・LIBERTY他によるDJプレー&店内イヴェント実施。